More playing enjoyment - Better performances


SuperSub is classified as a porous solid material. This provides sport fields and athletic tracks with greater rigidity and always ensures that flatness norms are met, regardless of what kind of surface layer is used. The result is an improved playing technique and more playing enjoyment. SuperSub’s high degree of strength means that fields and tracks can tolerate heavier weights; unlike existing granular sub-bases, occasional exposure to a heavy weight such as an ambulance is not a problem.


SuperSub’s porosity and water storage capacity ensures the best possible drainage of artificial turf fields and athletic tracks. Matches can be continued even in cases of heavy rainfall.

Short construction period

A pitch covered with artificial turf over a SuperSub sub-base can be constructed within two weeks if weather conditions permit. Athletic tracks can also be constructed in an amount of time that is considerably less, than what was the case previously.

Excellent insulation

SuperSub has insulating characteristics. This is one of the reasons why this sub-base is almost half the thickness of conventional foundations. Due to its insulating value, freezing temperatures cannot penetrate into the subsoil. This prevents damage to an artificial turf field or athletic track. This also means that the pitch can be played on immediately after a period of freezing weather.


The production and processing of SuperSub is done using very environmentally responsible methods. The production of a thousand litres of SuperSub involves the supply of only a hundred litres of material. This reduces the number of transport operations by 90 percent. The same applies if the pitch ever has to be removed. SuperSub is separate from the substrate, so the substrate cannot ever become polluted. Calculations show that CO2 emissions are almost eighty percent less than conventional constructions.


After a certain period of time, the surface of granular foundations will become uneven. A foundation made of porous solid material is always better. This is why granular constructions are rarely used in other countries. The fact that this is done in the Netherlands is due to the price. Conventional granular constructions are much more expensive. But not anymore. A SuperSub foundation costs scarcely any more than a foundation made of sand and lava.