Stronger, more sustainable and less expensive

What is SuperSub?

SuperSub is the best choice for constructing artificial turf fields or athletic tracks. Using this substructure is stronger, more sustainable and less expensive than using conventional methods. Its innovative foundation technology using porous, fibre-reinforced cellular concrete makes it possible to reduce the construction layer by half. This provides substantial price and environmental benefits. In addition, a new hockey or football pitch can be constructed in a very short period of time. SuperSub meets all the norms imposed by sport federations and the NOC*NSF.

'Hans Borstlap, chairperson of the KHC Dragons, a leading hockey club in Belgium: ‘Our goal is to have a leading position in an international league, so we are dedicated to the highest quality across the board - and that also includes our pitches. We were looking for the very best, and this innovation has given us the very best artificial turf field.’

SuperSub: The Structure