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The Royal Dutch Athletics Federation was the first athletic association in the Netherlands to certify SuperSub.
As of now, SuperSub athletic tracks have been installed for athletic associations in Schoonhoven, Aalten, Edam, Tiel, Heerhugowaard, Alkmaar, Oud Beijerland, Gilze Rijen and Winterswijk.

‘An exceptional construction material. Its own strength combined with being extremely lightweight make it suitable as a foundation in practically every situation. Its excellent porosity and the fact that it can be finished to create a very flat surface are also enormous advantages for athletic associations.’ Lomme Siebenga, Accommodations Advisor for the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation


Hockey associations set high standards for the quality of their pitches. A perfect surface layer is crucial for developing and controlling playing technique as well as for the attractiveness of the game. SuperSub fulfils all the norms as applied by the Royal Dutch Hockey Federation and the NOC*NSF. SuperSub hockey pitches have been installed in IJsselstein, Nieuwegein, Brasschaat (B) and Hoorn

Porosity and constant flatness
A perfect surface layer is based on a sound foundation construction. The sub-base determines the flatness and water permeability of the pitch. A construction using SuperSub guarantees absolute top quality. In addition, the costs for a SuperSub water-based pitch are substantially lower than for conventional water-based pitches on asphalt. The club gets the quality of an asphalt foundation for the price of a lava foundation.

‘This is the kind of pitch that takes advantage of all the recent product developments and meets all the latest requirements for the increasingly faster game of hockey. As a club, we’re pretty proud of having this kind of pitch. It’s definitely helping us achieve our goal of getting our teams into higher-ranking leagues. And an additional advantage is its excellent drainage. Recently, when heavy showers threatened to cause flooding, almost all the games in the district were called off. But our new water-based pitch let us keep right playing without any problems at all.’ Elsbeth van Houtert, Chairperson, HC IJsseloever.’


Both pro and amateur clubs are increasingly making use of artificial turf fields.
FIFA (the world football association) and the KNVB (the Dutch national football association) impose strict norms for the quality of artificial turf fields. Clubs that choose SuperSub can be assured of meeting these strict requirements. Ten locations in Haarlemmermeer and OSSMI Brasschaat in Belgium are equipped with SuperSub, and the pitch used by Bunnik ’73 was the first football pitch with SuperSub to be approved by the KNVB.

‘The fact that no earthwork was required contributed to getting the pitch constructed in less time. The supply and removal of 8000 m3 of soil was unnecessary. Imagine how much grading and how many lorries would have been needed for this. And this also contributed to substantially less CO2 emission!’ Eef Goes, Chairperson, Bunnik '73.’